Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Whistleblower

  Hi! We are back again for another ghost story. I know horror enthusiasts out there are really interested in real life ghost stories. Anyway, our story for this day is brought to you by Jasmine from San Diego.
  "Hello! Actually, it is not my own story to tell, but it was from someone dear to me. This story was from my own brother. About four years ago, a horrible incident happened. A young lady was found dead and raped in a farm field. And yeah, my brother was one of the suspects. At first, I didn't believe that he could do it because I know my brother very well, but I guess what I thought was wrong. Well, he was just a typical silent guy who has always concealed himself in a room. True, he seems weird, but he isn't at all. I guess he is just a shy kind of guy. Well anyway, police came to our house, and tried to detain my brother for questioning. I, too, kept on questioning him if it was true, but I doubt it was true since I really thought what he was at first. After days and weeks of questioning, my brother was cleared from any suspicions, and I was very happy at that since I thought he wasn't one of the suspects. Our lives came back to normal, but it change when my brother significantly changed too. I noticed that he was acting pretty weird like he wasn't the usual person I knew before like he had stop sleeping anymore. He had huge eyebugs; you could really see the difference in my face so I told him "What's the matter? I'm your sister just tell me anything." He just nodded, and went to his room. One night, I was at my bed, and then I heard a loud thump in my brother's bed room. I ran to his room to check on him. When I opened the door, I saw him standing in his room covering his ears. I hold his arms, and told him "Why? What happened?" He told me "Someone has been whispering in my ears." Suddenly, chills ran down to my spine when he told me about it. Damn right, it was pretty creepy. I grabbed him, and took him to my room. He calmed a bit, and so I let him sleep at my couch while I at my bed ofcourse. We were able to get through, and sleep, but I was awoke when he was continuously murmuring in his sleep "I will tell them." I woke him up, and told him what was his dream about. He told me that the girl has been haunting him. I was quite confused to whom he was referring to so I ask what girl. And so he confessed that he was one of the guys who raped and killed the young girl in the barn. He added and told me that she was constantly haunting him to confess and tell the truth. I was really surprised and saddened to what he told me. I really don't know what to do so I just told him that I will always be there for him. He decided to give himself to the police. After that, the girl never haunted him again. I think it was the right decision since it was a grave crime that he should face. I hope the girl had finally met peace in her soul. And my brother too, I hope he will finally forgive himself, and achieve peace in his soul. Anyway, thanks for listening in my story."

  Indeed, it was the right thing to do. Physically, they may be gone, but their souls will always stay here on Earth if their souls are still attached in here. Thanks for that wonderful share. I hope to hear from you once again.

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