Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chloe Moretz Is an All Around Movie Monster?


    Chloe Moretz has played a lot of monster roles in her career. From being a vampire to a wolf, she has played it all, and now, she will be invading the theaters in her new roles as a monster again in Kimberly Pierce's remake of Stephen King's classic, Carrie, and in Henry Hobson's Maggie.


   She will be playing the role of a bullied teenage girl who has terrifying telekinetic powers in Kimberly Pierce's Carrie remake, and she will also be playing as a zombie in Henry Hobson's Maggie. Both of her new project are marked for release this coming 2013, but the dates are not yet final, and are subject to change so fans out there should stay tune for more updates and news in her new movies.

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