Monday, April 30, 2012

Modern Day Horror Films

   As the evolution of movies, newer ideas and styles arise. Well, it is a good thing actually; however, the newest and the latest aren't always the best. Take for example the modern horror films, and compare them with the classic movies like George Romero's, Sam Raimi's, and others. Mostly, they are an actual letdown to viewers. They are pretty common; persistent teens, actual footage, obscenity/nudity, dead teens, serial killers, psychopaths, etc. these are mostly the sub genres you are gonna see with horror films of today. . I mean where are those creepy white/ black ladies like the ring, those hungry zombies like dawn of the dead, and those pg-13 movies.

 It seems that most horror movies nowadays are more concentrated on the killing and effects rather than the story. Well, you know what they say content is king. And one thing I personally don't like is their crappy story and scenes like the one movie that I saw which possesses his victims through hidden cams and a tv. I missed those days when I shiver after seeing that creepy lady, when I get excited after seeing zombies are after the protagonist, and when I mind-boggled on how it goes. In summary, most horror movies nowadays are no longer scary like how it went years ago.

  How about you? What do you think of horror movies nowadays?


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