Monday, April 30, 2012

Asian Horrors Are a "Must Watch"

  Have you ever watch Ringu, Juon, A tale of two sisters, or One Missed Call? If you have watch it, then I am pretty sure you must have shaken while watching it. Well, I, too, was pretty scared of it especially when those creepy ladies suddenly pop out of the screen. Anyway, have you ever wondered what's common between them? Aside from the fact that they are all great horror movies, there is really one significant fact that is pretty common among these movies. Well, they are all Asian Horror Films. 

     Indeed, Asians do make quality movies especially when it comes to horror. They never fail to make me startle and shiver over and over again. Thus, it made me realize what do Asian Horror Films have that will really make our hair stand and ran our blood cold from start to end. 
  •    Asian Horror's Creepy Guests. Most Asian Horror Films have white and black ladies as ghosts and ghouls. These ghosts are pretty common actually in horror films, yet they always scare the hell out of us especially when it comes to asian horrors. Their disturbing appearance matched with  omnimous feeling will put as viewers to a heart pumping situation. Although horror films mostly have these, there is still quite a difference to asian horrors. It is because they're ghosts are not so scary compared to asian horrors. I mean some ghosts in some movie are actually very pretty; thereby, losing the feeling of being scared when those kind of ghosts appear. Besides that, asian films have crazy "running parts" like when the protagonist of Ringu was quickly climbing away up to the well to get away from the ghost, or when the protagonist from unholy women was running away from a creepy red lady with a knife. Those scenes actually made us, viewers, to yell to the protagonists to go faster. With these kind of ghosts, asian horrors can make chills ran through our spine.
  • Unpredicatable Scenes. Due to watching so much horror films, we are able to predict when these scare and startle tactics appear, or should I say when these ghosts appear; thus, we are less scared. Asian Horrors are very unpredictable, and full of twists too. We never know what may come, and what may happen on the next scenes. That's why be prepared, or you'll shout like never before.
  •  Life-Like Story. Not literally a common, or true to life story, but most asian horrors have stories actually make viewers sit in with the story. They are able relate the story of the movie to real life haunting, thus, making its viewers much more scared. Stories which viewers are able to grasp, and think "what if's". Well, their story will put a mark in the viewers itself.
  With the right elements, a horror film will always be exceptional and horrifying regardless who made it.


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