Friday, May 4, 2012

Upcoming Movie : Saturday Morning Massacre

Saturday Morning Massacre

   Saturday Morning Massacre is a horror film by Spencer Parsons. This movie was able to enter the Los Angeles Film Festival. It is one of the movie that I featured from one of my blog.

  Professional ghost hunters embark a horrific journey in their pursuit for ghosts; however, it turned out the way they never expected when they take on a rambling mansion with a mysterious past.


  Director:  Spencer Parsons
    Writers: Jory Balsimo,
                    Aaron Leggett,
                    Jason Wehling
Producers: Jonny Mars,
                    Jason Wehling
        Cast:  Josephine Decker,
                    Paul Gordon,
                    Jonny Mars,
                    Ashley Spillers,
                    Adam Tate 

(Source: DreadCentral)

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