Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The "Other Family" who lives with us

  "Hi! I am Tron Len! I was kind of interested with your post about sending our horror stories. Well, I have one. It is really good to share so I figured sharing it to others through this blog. 
    Most people don't believe in ghosts, but I do. Once, I never believe of ghosts, but it suddenly changed till I, myself, have seen it with my own eyes.

    It was already dark when I went home from school. I rushed through the house, and greeted my family. After that, I ate my dinner, then went upstairs, locked my room, and started studying. Well, those are the things I usually do after school, but something came really unexpected that time. It was when I was reading my book. I sat on my bed, and read my homework. My eyes weren't wholly covered by my book at that time; thus, I can still see a part of my room under and above the book I was holding. Suddenly, I saw a pale-skinned feet under my book. It really made my hair stood. I tend to lower my book so that I could see the person standing in front of me, but I was too afraid to do it. I closed my eyes for a while, and just went in to thinking that its not true, or anything, but once I opened my eyes, the feet was gone. I slowly laid down my book, and started to see a black lady standing in front of me. She was wearing a black gown, and I couldn't see her face because it was covered with her hair. I ran past by her immediately, and went to my parents room. I never went back to my room for a week, and stayed in my parent's bedroom instead.

   I thought it was the last of it because  I never saw her again, but I was wrong. There were still "others" who were in our house.

   There was a time when my brother was drunk. He was so drunk so he ended up sleeping in the couch. After hours of sleep, he woke up suddenly. He peeked at the clock, and notice that it was so early because it was still 3:00 AM. He decided to close his eyes, and sleep again, but once he closed his eyes, he noticed someone ran past by him. He stood up, and saw a huge man running through the window. He ran after him, but the man jumped off the window. My brother became afraid because he knew that there was no way out of the window. It was filled with metal bars so it was pretty impossible to jump out of it even a cat can't do that. He had never seen that man again. Well, he thought it was the last time, but he was wrong. He saw him again when he came home with his friends. My brother had newly bought a car so he and his friend went to wash it. As his friend was wiping the mirror, he saw a reflection of a man so he turned his head, and saw a black huge man watching them behind the window. He told my brother, and my brother saw it too. They  took off, and entered my brother's room. His friend was so afraid so he spent the night there instead.

   In those times, my heart feels like it was about to blow. Again, I thought it was the last of it, but I was wrong again. My mother was the next one being haunted next by those unwanted visitors in our home. She was the only one in the house at that time because we were all attending a party. She was afraid of the house so she decided to just wait for us outside the house. She was playing with crossword puzzle at that time. After hours of playing and waiting, she fell asleep. She was sleeping really tight, but she woked up when someone suddenly slapped her in the  face. She was so surprised and afraid because no one was there. I mean she couldn't see any person there. That's why she went to our neighbor, and spent her time their waiting for us.

 For now, I haven't seen them, or anyone of us haven't sensed them again. I hope it would be the last time that we could see them again.

- Tron Len

  That is really a scary story. Well, I, for one, don't believe in them at first, but it all change when I too experience something like that. Yours, is too much really. It would really be creepy if I would experience something like that. I really hope I wouldn't. Anyway, thanks for your story. I really appreciate it.

  Tune in next time for more horror story!
   You! Do you have a story too? Then send it to us via Thank you all!

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