Monday, May 28, 2012

Chernobyl Diaries Draws People But Certainly Not Fans

The upcoming horror flick by Bradley Parker and Oren Peli had surely brought a lot of people to the movie, but not all them were the movie's fans. They were more of a protest than a fans club. The protest came about due to the movie's action of disrespect on the what they call Chernobyl Disaster years ago.

   Yago Alayza, who created one of the petitions, told Reuters that he was shocked watching those teenagers enjoying the place like it was some kind of Disneyland. He was also quite disturbed by the movie's slogan, Experience the Fallout, he added "Honestly, who wants to experience a fallout? Do the filmmakers really know what that means? They are making a real horror situation into a joke! This is pure indifference to the reality of the tragedy."

Well, if you think of it, the movie does not actually tend to disrespect or hurt anyone. It is just a mere movie trying to entertain people with its unique element of actual disaster, nothing more, nothing less. Since they made this movie out of a real disaster, they should have thought of asking some kind of permission just to give respect to the victims of that horrible incident. I mean that disaster was indeed horrible, and just to close the commotion they should have done something in order to keep those haters.


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